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Can You Say Zacheus?

The Life of the World to Come
Abbot Vonier
xii + 116; paperback

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We all want to go to Heaven — but what will Heaven actually be like? Drawing on sacred Scripture and Catholic doctrine, The Life of the World to Come pulls back the veil to give us a closer look at the dazzling joys, the reality of eternal life. With simplicity and good humor, this “marvelous little book” achieves the goal Abbot Vonier set for all his works — opening the eyes of men and women to the splendors of the Catholic faith.

Foreword by Edward T. Oakes, SJ.

Praise for Abbot Vonier and The Life of the World to Come
“Those seeking spiritual wisdom will find it here. Vonier was a master, and his work is as inspiring and fresh as ever.”
—Matthew Levering, author Christ and the Catholic Priesthood

“Abbot Vonier has a serious right to be considered one of the great Catholic theologians of the 20th century. Here is the theology of St. Thomas translated into a contemplative idiom and communicated with a wonderful clarity and simplicity of expression. These new editions of his works, after decades of neglect, are warmly to be welcomed.”
—Fr. John Saward, author Redeemer in the Womb

“Abbot Vonier was the most gifted dogmatic theologian writing in England during his lifetime. The Vonier revival is a highly encouraging sign of the return of classical doctrine in the Church.”
—Aidan Nichols, author The Shape of Catholic Theology

“Turning new lights on old truths and making application of revelation to life, Abbot Vonier ‘digs down into the meaning of Catholic dogma.’ His thought is so simple, clear, and practical that no formal theological training is needed to follow him with profit and delight.”
—Fr. C.C. Martindale, S.J., quoted in Commonweal

“Gifted in his capacity to write of sublime things in terms that all could understand.”
The American Benedictine Review

“Truly beautiful, thought-provoking, enlightening, enjoyable. I liked it from cover to cover -- the content, footnotes, readable print, author.”
—B.S. (Rochester, NY)

“Excellent book! Zaccheus Press is blessing a new generation of Catholics with solid and beautiful classics..”
—Rev. Fr. James Clark

“Thank you for bringing this great work to a skeptical modern world. Bring more of Vonier's works to us, as well as his contemporaries -- Belloc, Chesterton, Cardinal Newman.”
—M.R. (Quincy, MA)

“A wonderful book for lay people. Really touched my soul.”
—B.H.M. (McLean, VA)

“Abbot Vonier and J.P. de Caussade give believers glorious assurance concerning all human destiny.”
—C.H.W. (Lancaster, PA)

“Vonier is wonderful at depicting the greatness on the operation of our intellect in the life to come, how we will grasp the whole of creation in a vision which will see into the depths of things.”
—Reader “A.S.”

“I am reading The Life of the World to Come... so absorbing, I am going to have to read it twice just to catch all that I missed on the first go at it. Anyway the good Abbot is writing on Jesus speaking in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 14:12…he writes:
This was white, unrefracted light, straight from the mind of the Son of God.

I just stopped at that line, I tried to read further and had to keep flipping back to that page... reading it over and over. White, unrefracted light... pure, not split... straight, not bent... straight from the mind of the Son of God.

It is our minds that do the splitting and bending, all sorts of refraction going on as the pure light hits our darkened intellect. That must be part of that purgation process also, the training of our mind to accept that pure light, to allow our minds to be illumined... to seek truth and be well contented in that truth.

I think of that line every time I hear the Gospel read at Mass now, that what I am hearing is white, unrefracted light, straight from the mind of the Son of God.”
—Terri Jackson, At the Back of the North Wind weblog

About the Author
Abbot Vonier was a Benedictine monk who lived from 1876 to 1938. He was elected Abbot of Buckfast Abbey, England, in 1906, and served in that capacity until his death. During his lifetime Vonier gained fame as the rebuilder of Buckfast, which had been left in ruins following the Reformation, and as the author of some 15 books of popular theology — works which developed “a vast company of admirers who welcomed every new book of his with enthusiasm.”

A bestselling author in England of the 1920s — that golden age of Catholic letters when Chesterton, Knox and Belloc flourished — Abbot Vonier was a gifted intellectual who regarded his literary activity as part of the mission with which Divine Providence had charged him. His great desire, and achievement, was to instruct in the Catholic Faith, to reveal its glories as available here and now to every Christian.

Zaccheus Press plans to bring Abbot Vonier's finest works back into print for a new generation of Catholic readers.